Mr and Mrs Rogers…

Mr and Mrs Rogers received some paperwork from a pension company suggesting Mr Rogers must make a decision about his retirement options. Mr Rogers had almost forgotten he had that pension and wasn’t planning to retire yet anyway. He approached us for help as he didn’t want to jeopardise any of the accumulated fund with a mis-informed decision.

Working together

We agreed to work together and explored the Rogers’ current situation and listened to their desires for retirement. After detailed independent research and analysis we confirmed that Mr Rogers had certain enhancements to his pension that could be lost if not considered appropriately; Mr Rogers was unaware that these enhancements existed and was pleasantly surprised.

Establishing a plan

We established a plan that would protect those enhancements and maximise a flexible income that best suited their retirement objectives. We resolved some minor liabilities and implemented solutions to mitigate any potential IHT liability. We discussed a savings plan for their grandchildren and how minor gifts could be made to other family members.

A happy ending

Throughout we ensured that tax efficiency was maximised and that the Rogers maintained control of their estate. They are now happily retired.